And you and I
Simply the best piece of music ever... nothing comes close. Genius!
visog 3 months ago

My God, does it get much better than this!!!!
ckc1958 3 weeks ago

I still listen to this late at night 40 years after first buying it. Classic magical music.
duckgeezer 7 months ago

i thank God for being one of the chosen people who can appreciate this masterpieces.
darklord8603 9 months ago

I used to listen to this track with a loved one. She was absolutely fantastic. I rather imagine she still is. It is as though the sheer beauty of this track enters my soul and simply regenerates me. sorry for the sentimentality but its true.
teddingtontcu 9 months ago

Some songs you hear, others you feel.
Hurriken42 3 weeks ago

this song brings tears to me eye! thanks for the share.
Marekitten59 10 months ago

at around 3:50 it's hard to find a good word to describe the epicness. Ethereal comes close. ;)
funkster007 4 weeks ago

this is THE thing.. the pinnacle, the best... thank you for so much magic
wallyabb 2 years ago

i lost my virginity to this song
davidennis1 3 months ago

This music was true and majestic, it transcended space and time, touching the soul and uplifting the spirit, i think we'll never see this type of music ever made again, thats why youtube is so popular, bringing us back to a time when music changed and shaped our lives, when music moved us and sent us to a place where we were happy and had no worries or bad thoughts, new music lovers experience this like we did in our youth, with an open mind and open heart!
jroxx11211 5 months ago

@jroxx11211 How true, how true..
Best wishes
SDsailor7 5 months ago

Oh man. There are some songs that make the hair stand on the back of my neck, but this one gives me goosebumps all over.
TheDeathtacle 2 months ago

@TheDeathtacle This shouldnt give you anxiety, it should make you feel happy.
supercj8899 2 months ago

@supercj8899 You misunderstood; it does not make me anxious. It send shivers through my body, because it is so emotionally powerful.
TheDeathtacle 2 months ago

I keep hearing different notes when I hear this...40 years later :'-)
petermcintyre100 3 months ago

Fluid, man, just holy flowing fluid! Diggit?
astrophonix 5 days ago

This is the music of Eden. 
username91ification 1 week ago

This might be perfect!
TheTherese3 3 months ago

wow, that moment at 3:50, for everyone that never had a sailboat.
dennymc997 2 months ago

You can tell by the number of guitars and keyboards and strange costumes that you are watching very intelligent people here.
zigzag909 2 years ago

20 thousand years ago, man had painted caves like Chauvex, today there is THIS.
modelleg 2 months ago

I listened to this most every night on headphones when I was supposed to be sleeping. Floating on a waterbed and feeling every note of this song. Thank God I like good music...
romeosyne 2 weeks ago

I want this song to be playing throughout the heavens when I go through those pearly gates! This song is the greatest!!!
monon73855 3 weeks ago

this is one of the greatest songs i have ever heard........and im a fucking metal head......
TheConnord12 2 months ago

This music is the eighth wonder of the world!!
lostjonny1 2 months ago

GAGE1959 3 months ago

My best friend is leaving on a mission for his church, and i won't see him for 2 years. We would hang out almost every day and if not that, we would be in contact most of the time we weren't together. I'm really depressed i won't be able to see him and when i just saw him for the last time a few minutes ago, i came back home and started listening to this song, it nearly brought me to tears...
ShiftyStealthy 2 months ago

@timothy7994 what you need to get high is Acid and THIS. Jesus is a fucking joke. 
ThePinkguns 4 months ago

Now this is music.
mat0705 2 months ago

srsly, how do you write a song this awesome?.......just wow.....
djvictroladadj 3 months ago

This was my girlfriend's and my song way back then. It seemed like a love song, then, but now I'm not as sure. Anyway, it musta worked 'cause she's been my wife for over thirty-seven years now. The love doesn't burn as hot, now, but it sure burned into my soul.
LAMBKILLER 2 months ago