I was one of five artists invited to design a record sleeve which was then hand assembled, housing a release from the D1 recordings catalogue as part of the Underground exhibition, 27 June - 6 July 2008 Road Records, Fade street, curated by Dennis McNulty / Peter Maybury. The four other sleeves were made by Jo Hogan, Naomi Ryder, Robin Watkins and Gabriel Sierra.

The notion of an oppositional Underground/Mainstream fascinates me. I don't believe one to be opposite or discrete from the other. I think both are very much commingled and interdependent. I love especially when one pointedly appropriates the other, as in the instance of the Girls Aloud song 'Sound of the Underground'. I think the notion of a group created through 'Popstars: The Rivals', managed by Louis Walsh, singing about the 'sound of the underground' is fantastic. Interestingly the song is concerned with the beat going 'round and round', whilst referencing the rhythm of the Buddy/Cathy Rich version of 'The beat goes on'.
Underground, David Donohoe
Underground, David Donohoe
date : 2008
Handmade record sleeve