All positions are partial
I am an artist working with photography, video, sound, artist's books, drawing and writing. With Peter Maybury and Marie-Pierre Richard I work as Image Text Sound, a collaborative art practice and publishing entity.

My current body of work "All positions are partial" examines the nature of impermanence in relation to identity and presence. The phrase is intended in both senses of its meaning and is concerned with 'the conditionality of location' and 'the relativity of individuality'.

I am interested in the consideration of 'the self' as contingent processes rather than as a fixed entity. My work both refers to this notion and is intrinsically informed by it and tries to locate and utilise the spaces between definitions and definitive terms.
Like a finger pointing to the moon
Like a finger pointing to the moon
Yielding to the moment. Succumbing to the place.
Mountain mist Lettergesh
Take from the forest its mystery and there is standing timber.
Cruagh Wood
Poet and poem.
Sky light, Sun entering Kylemore Abbey
Rain approaching my position.
Rainstorm, Inagh Valley
The possibility of unperceived occurrence.